Which 777 should I buy?

Should I buy the 777-300ER or the 777-200ER?

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Your choice


Just to make it easier…

  • 777-200ER
  • 777-300ER

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I know but both beautiful, so hard to choose

777-200ER is probably next for me. The 777-300ER has a great range of liveries and will be superb for Global.


I think you should go for the B777-300ER. I have it and i love it


The -300ER has more of a learning curve than the 200ER

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Thanks didn’t know how todo it :)

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Thanks means a lot .

Depends, if you love the British Airways, Delta and United livery then go for the 200ER if not and you want Etihad, Emirates, Qatar etc get the 300ER. It really depends on what liveries you want, so don’t ask us because we all like different liveries. Wish you the best of luck in choosing the right aircraft and I hope you enjoy it :)


I own the 772, but I have the 77W because of Live+
I LOVE the 777-300ER. It’s beautiful

I really enjoy the -200er because it is so powerful however I like the looks of the 300 better

777-300!! everyday!

Whichever one you desire.

I personally love the 300ER

I thought I would get to choose ):

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