Which 737 NG is your favorite to fly

  • 737-700
  • 737-800
  • 737-900/-900ER

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I prefer the 738 over the 737 because of the United livery. I prefer the 738 over the 739 because it is a bit smaller and I find it easier to fly.

I love the 737-900 as it is great to maneuver and has great landing capabilities.


To me I like the -800. The 700 feels way to light on landing and will often float down the runway for me, the 900 is good but I do sometimes tailstrike with it, but the 800 feels just about right.


The -800 I feel is the most well rounded. I really don’t like the 700 because it looks really stubby IMO and has weird landing characteristics. Same thing with the -900, except it looks good. The 800 is easy to handle, looks good, and it has a massive range

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I pick the 800 in the polls, but actually also love to fly the 900.
Never fly the 700 for no specific reason. :)

The -800 has the perfect size in my opinion, for me it also is the most convenient 737 to fly.

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I like the 737-800 because I’m my opinion it’s just the right size.

I think I hate the -700 so much because that was the only 737 that was free. I overused it…

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The 737-900/ER series has quite a decent range although it needs more runway before liftoff.
The 738 is nice since it’s proportional.

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I tend to fly the 737-800 the most so thats what I like best. The 737-800 in the game is a lot like real world 737 pilots describe it. Its not the machine with the most “harmonic” flight characteristic out there, its far from it. It has a lot of power, can fly forever and when its time to land, well it falls like a rock if you aren’t careful. Its also extremely hard to make a soft landing with it. Oh, and the rudder is enormous so you better be careful with it unless you want to be all over the runway when taking off/landing. However, “Boeings baby” will always get the job done.

My math teacher would be proud


The 700 is my favorite simply just for the Southwest new livery.

If the 800 had the new southwest livery I would ditch the 700.

Anything with a KLM livery, I fly.

That is true, in windy conditions it takes extra effort to straighten the aircraft on the runway especially during landing.

Do any of the 737s have the APPR feature?
Don’t have a joystick/yoke for controls (yet)

I also prefer the 900 over the 700, but the 800 the best. The 700 always bounces for me on landing. I actually like that the 737 requires a lot of power on landing because I feel it allows for better speed control, usually on final I’m at about 60% power at 140 knots. If I’m going to slow, I just increase to 90% until I get to the right speed, if I’m going to fast, I just idle power and it slows down, unlike the A320 which I have to use speedbrakes and level off to slow down significantly.

I love flying the 737-800 for the same reason that I like the A320. I find the -700 to be visually unattractive and kinda awkward in the air (same with the A319) and the -900 tailstrikes on every landing and takeoff (same with the A321) and that’s why I like the 737-800.

All I know about the 737-800 is that I can butter every single landing. It’s just such a fun and simple plane to fly.

Although I love all the variants, I believe that the -900 is the best one. Idk about you guys but it’s a pretty decent size for the 737. It also looks way better because of its size. But I would choose the -800 over the -700.

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