Which 1-2 flyouts should I Create for the month of March?

Can everyone please vote to choose what airport you be me next flyout and that you would be interested in joining!

Please pick 2 airports that you would like to see have the next flyout
  • Los Angeles(LAX)
  • Mauritous
  • San Fransisco
  • Seattle
  • Madrid
  • Seoul
  • Denver
  • Mobile

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Would recommend changing Airports to Flyouts as it hints at the fact you are instead making airports 3D.

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Mauritius 🇲🇺

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I’m so curious. If you like to fly, why should you que for 15 minutes or more before you can take of? Tried the Amsterdam fly out some days ago, but there where about 100 planes for one runway …
Hope there will be more group flights with a challenge so you will be able to compete with others and improve your flying skills.

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I like mobile, it’s close to where I live

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your Mile High flyout

Wait what does ‘mobile’ mean?

A place in Alabama, US

Oh is it? I never knew that lol


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