Where's the ATC voice?

Is it normal that i can’t hear the ATC voice, even when it calls me? It worked once but now I just hear some little pieces or nothing.
thanks :)



First some basics;

  • Have you tried restarting the app?

  • Do you have the ATC voice on full sound in settings?

  • Have you received a message or call after which you lost the sound?

  • What device and operating system are you using?

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We need some more information please.

  1. Has the voices ever worked?
  2. What device are you on?
  3. What have you tried? Have you rebooted? Did you make sure the ATC volume is up in the Infinite Flight settings?


  1. It has already been like this for about a week now so I don’t think it helps to restart

  2. Yup

  3. No but I can’t remember very well

  4. I’m using an Samsung Galaxy S9

thx :)

If I’m correct, there are two possible issues.

  • If on an older device, and you left the app and or disconnected from the server for a few seconds and then reconnected, the atc sound sometimes disappears. I’ve experienced this too. There really is no fix in game while flying, however there are preventitive measures you can take, such as pressing the pause button before leaving the app, or finding a stronger connection. Although the pause button does not actully pause the game, for some reason I’ve found it effective in keeping the ATC voices from not working.
  • Or, although unlikely, another variation of the “no radio glitch” or NORDO, . More likely the first issue though.

This used to happen all the time it’s typically when disconnecting and reconnecting


  • Yes it worked until a week now

  • Samsung S9

-What’s a reboot? (I’m not english) ATC vol. is up.

thx :)

My phone is pretty new tho and it always worked before

Ok, do you have text-to-speech enabled?

Whats that? where do I find it?

In that case maybe delete the app and redownload it from your app store. I’ve found that can work wonders. Do you regularly leave the app when playing?

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If you leave the app alot, i’ve just found that you can loose voices

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  1. Open your device’s Settings app

  2. Select Accessibility, then Text-to-speech output.

  3. Choose your preferred engine, language, speech rate, and pitch.

  • Note : The default text-to-speech engine choices vary by device. Options can include Google’s Text-to-speech engine, the device manufacturer’s engine, and any third-party text-to-speech engines that you’ve downloaded from the Google Play Store.
  1. Optional: To hear a short demonstration of speech synthesis, press Play.

  2. Optional: To install voice data for another language, select Settings then Install voice data . Choose the language that you want to install.

Taken from here


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No never…

OK I’ll try that

Thanks for your help :)

Respectfully, dont do the assessability settings thing. This has nothing to do with the game

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Rather than IF in game voices, google will just play it’s own voices, not helping with the situation

Read the next steps 🤦‍♂️ Text to speech needs to be enabled in order to receive the sounds from ATC. If they’re not enabled, the OP cannot receive the sounds, which could be the cause of this.

@Thunderhead glad I could help!

This would just mask the situation rather than creating a solution

IF doesn’t have any in game voices. We’re using device voices.

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