Where's my ATC? [Expert]

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Hey pilots,
I recently saw an update from ATC Trainer Josh, however this was regarding applications.
Now, I understand IFATC are all volunteers, and I respect that, but how come there is no ATC for last 10 minutes, especially with a few 10’s of arrivals.

I have the utmost respect for IFATC, and this post is NOT a rant at IFATC, just a location check on them hehe.

Wish everyone a merry xmas and prosperous new year,

Josh - “Starting on Monday, December 23rd, IFATC applications will be put on pause in order to allow the recruiters some much needed time off”

Because like you said IFATC is volunteer. And it’s not their fault they are doing ATC when you are not their! They do it when they want! :)

Don’t want to sound rude !


Someone is maybe in the process of opening LFMN 🙃. It’s normal since we’re volunteers, schedule for everyone might lead to moments when no one is free…

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Bruh sorry we’ve got school, family, sports, jobs, etc. If you already knew the answer, why post the question:



Great. Thanks. and like I mentioned previously, I understand you are all volunteers. :)

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I can’t speak for anyone else, but I haven’t been open because I’m traveling for the holidays. I’m sure a lot of us are doing likewise. It’s also a school day in the US. Like you said, we’re volunteers 🤷🏼‍♂️

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‘Bruh’, I wasn’t sure, ok?

You can wait. Patience is key!