Where's ATIS & The ATC Station Open/Closed Xmit?

The Question begs an ansewer. Anybody… Max Sends

What does Xmit mean? In fact, I don’t understand any of that title! :smile:

Transmit - like when you push-to-talk.

It’s Jargon (short forms) Jason. Commonly used to abbreviate text, think Twitter. Xmit was explained below. Aviation/Communication/Militery Jargons are available via Wiki or Google. The “Automated Terminal Information System” (ATIS) Is a Recorded Broadcast ( Bcst) prepared by Major Airfields and shotgunned in a loop common at most heavy traffic Class B airports,It usually provides weather (Wx), the active runway(s) in use, safety of flight info like Wind Shear, construction in the vicinity of RWay’s, Operating hour ect. Glad you asked, this forum is the place to ask questions. Somebody out here will have the ansewer. It’s called “Professional Knowledge” gained. regards Max Sends

You can announce that your station in closed by scrolling down to “Broadcast message”. ATIS is only available to advanced controllers, rank JC and higher

Interesting! ATC ratings, what are they and why arn’t they posted after the Controllers name in Info? As for ATIS, I suggest you put it in the Training Curricula at the 3/4 point. One should be fully qualified to move up to the big time. Plus ATIS is a valuable tool and should be Xmited on the Playground so we all benifit. Preparing an ATIS msg is not an art form. All in all I’m really impressed with the improving quality of Services on the Playground. I’m looking forward to a fully staffed and functional All Nodes Advanced. Do good work training staff. BZ, Max Sends

ATC ratings were disabled right after release. It makes controllers less nervous to and actually lets them control. Before, if you made someone hold short too long (about 10 - 20 seconds) you were given a 1 star rating by someone who doesn’t know better. It was just not logical.

When a controller first gets recruited they are automatically ranked as “Trainee 1”. This means you can only control Tower and Ground at class Delta airports that only have 1 runway. They can get tested from there if necessary and build up from there.

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Thank you for the rapid response. Make complete sence to me as expected.
Suggest you identify the Controllers Rating after there name in the Map/info display. This may cut down on the negative comment on this forum and hard feelings generated on both the Playground and Advance for the error prone or more aggressive/dictatorial few. I give a pass to the students routinely and gaff it off. The 10% need to be identified early. (Example; Got stood in the corner for an hour a while back by an overly aggressive Ground Controller at LAX for cutting a taxiway corner and “driving on the grass”. Go figure. Regards, Max

The rating system was disabled, but not deleted. Previous rating records are still present, which are completely inaccurate. I have a 4.5 or so but there are other controllers that have somewhere between a 1.0 and 2.0 rating that are just as talented at controlling.

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Well it appears you have a starting point. A list with names and training start dates ect. There are a lot of excellant Controllers on the Playground. Today for example I work t/g’s at Burmingham with a Spit. I’ve been Faming that brute at Burmingham the last 5 days. I believe the same person was working the Tower on each occasion. (Should have recorded the name). This Controller was an expert hands down and should be training folk or at least working his magic at a bizy Center or Approach in a high density area. Don’t miss understand I’m not faulting the program but there’s no way of knowing who’s got your back.
At this point one would expect better staffing on the Advanced by Program Graduates and a long line of contenders earning there IF Controller Creds waiting in the wings for a shot at the “Big Time”. Just say Sean, I don’t have a horse in this race, I just enjoy the hell out of doing the circuit with Pro’s leading the way. Regards, Max