"Where's ATIS" Max Sends. (Revised 1/1/16)

On July 1, I wrote a Features Topic; “Where’s ATIS”, wondering what happened to the ATIS broadcasts that periodically emanated from Advanced Server “B” Towers! After some heated discussion it was determined that the ATIS program was flawed, that Advanced Controller could not type, that adding the required datas into the flawed program was to time consuming and finally the Program was to be made “Dummy” proof and reintroduced. Four Plus (5+) months later I still miss ATIS! When in use it gave me a warm & fuzzy when I was on approach to a “B”. The arrival guidance was always welcome and reassuring. As I passed by a “B” enroute I’d could get a TAF also welcome since no weather radars have been installed in the IF commercial fleet, Yet! I choose not to address this Topic on the main board but post it in the Lounge for Regular Review Only ( Revises 1/1/16, moved to General) I’d like my fellow members unemotional, cogent, Professional Assessment/Opinion as required for FDS consideration as it applied to ATIS’s near term re-introduction. Accordingly, your thoughts Please. Max Sends


Tyler took away our privileges, and as in future I am going to be Advanced ATC, I’ll miss the Nimrods (Peanuts) and ATIS.

They’re working on a system but.

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I want atis back too!


I really doubt it’s been 4 months

@Swang007… It a calendar count… Do the math.

It was around October 20 or so, pretty much a month ago.

@Swang007. I have an archive of all my post Shawn, my file copy is machine dated 1 July 2015. But let’s move on. I don’t care when it was first posted;


And this is from our ATC group on Slack, posted October 21/22 depending on the timezone:

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@Swang007…“Max Sez” I don’t care what Tyler said to his Controllers on your closed loop. “Where’s ATIS”. Enough of the specious CYA pls. Let’s move on.

I tried that too, but it got me demoted. Then I got promoted again.

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“Where’s ATIS”. @Nick_Art, pls write this in indelible ink in your bar’s toilet!
Thanks, Max

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ATIS has disappeared like Waldo.

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Good find, Sean. I think Max is just referring to the time since the post, not when I actually removed it. Either way, I’m ready to have it back in a better, more efficient form!


@Tyler_Shelton… “Max Sez”. Your the Man Mr. Shelton! It always nice to get the word from the horses mouth and not its oop! Look forward to an ATIS resurrection & Full Nodes on the Advanced!

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I’d really love to give you a heart but I can’t seem to smoosh this heart I have through my phone’s screen over to you unfortunately :(

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I already brought up my massive concerns about its removal (4 months already?!?!?!) ago. I think we need to sit still abd wait for Tylers “mysterious” new system.

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Max Sez ; Revised 1/1/16… “Where’s ADIS” Mr. Shelton?


I’m with max. Turn it back on!


I don’t think it’s as simple as flipping a switch. They’re trying to get rid of the kinks it had before. I want to back too, I’m sick of being asked what runway for patterns😂


@Carson. Max Sez… Nobody said it was gonna be EZ! A man’s word is his bond! Priorities, ya gotta know when to hold’em and know when to show dem! It’s time to Show’Dem!