Where you want me to fly? For somes future tripreports!


So i’m asking, where do you want me to go for my holidays? I’ll depart Prestwick, England, and flight by flight going to the destination you choose, right? So let’s vote!!

Thank you,

  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Yellowknife, Canada
  • Chengdu, China
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Lukla, … Nepal?
  • Saba ?..
  • Zanzibar

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Every flight will have a tripreport for it!


Let’s keep voting!!!

Topic will close in 1h

said zanzibar cause it sounds like a cool name… dont know the airport though :/

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Airport in a Island in Africa, just put it here, cause it’s hard to go there from Prestwick in England, probably passing by LHR and then CDG

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Yellowknife in Canada won! Let’s go, i’m planning the tripreport guys! There will be 3-4 legs!

Please, please do not base your holiday on a discourse poll. Go where you think would be most enjoyable (or if it were me, choose the cheapest option)


I’m pretty sure this is for a flight in the sim here and not real life, given the General category


Oh sorry i didn’t been clear, it’s for sim!

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Yeah you’re totally right

thats mb I guess the concept of a virtual trip report didnt cross my mind

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Don’t worry, it’s normal i didn’t say it!

Have a nice day/night !!!

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