Where you got your most violation ticket from?


  • Exceeding 250kts below 10000ft
  • Exceeding 35kts GS while taxiing
  • Acrobatics/Airspace
  • I don’t have clue (newbie)

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Always 250kts and Aerobatics.

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@B767fan Lol now you given me idea to open another poll, acrobatics or aerobatics? :D

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I’ve got about 20 violations and 3/4 of them are for exceeding 35 knots on the ground. Mostly because the runway I take off from is too short.

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@Laurens you mean you got your ticket from going to end of the runway? Or going over end of the runway? I thought you are expert in calculating V speed. ;) .mines are from taxi violation

I got the most of them, then I was new in infinite flight and didn’t noticed the airspace classes.
And also the most of them because I was too fast under 10,000ft.
For taxiing I set my tool bar on “Groundspeed”, so I know how fast I am.


I’ve got something like 5 violations - all because I turned the HUD off for takeoff and forgot up double-check the speeds in the status bar. Although I got one of those by landing in Aspen Pitkin with 27 kt sidewind without Autoland. The wind just gutted me away next to the runway where I got a “taxi” speed violation

Always above 250knts but now I have to remember that I have to maintain my speed at 250 by setting it on the autopilot

I get the violation for overrunning the runway.
I often fly the the B738 which is allowed to take off (and land) from a lot of airports and airfields. Some of them have very short runways, so it’s hard to takeoff in time…
Would be useful if in the Airport list in the Live mode the runway lengths were indicated just like in the Solo mode.

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How much N1 do you use?

On the B738 around 95-96%.

What you mean airport list? Don’t you get runway length info on Live? goto Map -> MapFPL -> MapInfo and click on airport, you should see runway length, elevation and surface.

Yep, but when you choose your starting airport there is no information about it in the list.

Newbie :).

I’ll have to check later on Live Flight to see.

You click on any airport, it should give info. Even the one you parked at. Try it.

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Hope this helps.

A tip: set the speed to 240-245 knots in the AP. Avoid setting it at 250kts: wind can give you a violation!


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The 250kts speed restriction is related to the IAS not GS. e.g 250kts IAS and 270kts GS, that’s fine.

Yep that’s why I didn’t state 250kts GS.

You left out the ubiquitous runway blocking …that seems to pop up out of nowhere…especially when you are the only aircraft at the airport…ludicrous…and there is never any way to predict when it will pop up…sometimes it has the ability to give you consecutive violations on top of it…and the worse thing about it is…THERE IS NO WARNING…unlike the taxi and 250K violations…so how can you block yourself on a vacant runway at an empty airport…riddle me that answer…

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