Where you denied into an Airport for no reason/stupid reason?

I was flying a Cirrus SR-22 from EGLC to EGLL, and I took off as normal. I was then approaching EGLL, and I contact Approach, since that’s the first thing you do. All of a sudden, Tower calls for me to contact them (Hello, I am contacting approach, I can’t contact tower until I’m close to the Airport), so I contact tower and say Standby, while Approach warns me about ILS vectors into Runway 27R. I get cleared for ILS 27R, and was given flight level 2,500. I then near the airport, and App. tells me to contact tower (Note there is like one aircraft at EGLL), Tower calls and says that there is an event at EGLL (I don’t see that many aircraft at EGLL, what is this guy saying??), Then, I get a warning that I wasn’t allowed into the runway (wth?? I’m no where near the runway at all???) He then says that “Due to heavy traffic at the airport, we cannot accept incoming aircraft at this time” THERE IS ONLY ONE AIRCRAFT AT THE AIRPORT. THIS MAKES NO SENSE! and he made me go around, then he left and EGLL is now Unicom. I was so shocked by the way he attended me with that sort of attitude, like come on, the airport wasn’t even busy to start with, and you deny my entry into EGLL??? share your stories below if you were denied entry into an airfield

This was in ATC Playground Server.


Whas your aircraft count set on very high?

What server was this?

This was in ATC playground

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What is A/C count?

Mhhh,maybe the controller don’t know very well,consider in PG many of them are starting to control…fly in advance if you want pro ATC…happy landings!

I Can’t, I’m only a level 2 lol

That’s the problem. Most pg controllers don’t know what they are doing.

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Ok don’t worry keep flying and soon you’ll can

The funny part is I know some ATC, and when I play as ATC, I pretty much know what to do, since I have been researching ATC in the past, and I know some basics. So when I am ATC, I play as a real controller.

Welcome to the playground ;)

Why you don’t contact a recruiter?

I would lean towards Airplane count as well

Playground lol