Where would you like me to fly (Poll ended)

I’m back again with some more long haul routes like 10 hours+ so here are the routes and all you do is pick (Poll is set to close at 12:00 pm Eastern Standard time)

    1. OMDB-KLAX Emirates A380
    1. OMAA-YSSY Ethiad A380
    1. ZBAA-LSZH Swiss A330
    1. KATL-RKSI Korean Airlines B747-8
    1. KJFK-ZBAA China Airlines B747-8
    1. KSFO-RJBB United Airlines B787-9
    1. LLBG-KEWR United Airlines B787-10

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The poll will close in two hours

1 hour and 30 mins left to vote

Little late to post this but 1 hour Is left to vote for your route

Erm…is this supposed to be closed now - because I was able to vote 2.5 hours after it was supposed to close

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Yeah everyone sorry for the inconvenience I fell asleep I’m am so sorry for this I guess we will go off of who win after like hours later

Winner is LLBG-KEWR in the B787-10

Please stop posting these, they bring literally nothing to the community.

I also have a real wild idea for you… why dont YOU decide where YOU fly!? Incredible idea, I know.

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Alright you might not like these but I do. I can’t ever choose which route I want to fly and I want to see what the community would like to see they help me decide which route I can fly because I am so stubborn when it comes to pick a flight so there. They might not help the community but it is a poll and I think this flight can have some good screenshots out of it maybe you should try this but until further notice I will mainly use these to pick a route.

And I have a wild idea for you if they bring nothing to the community and seeing how you don’t like them?! Then why did you click on the topic, Incredible right.

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Zach next time don’t tag the staff, just flag the topic for ‘something else’ and say that this is solved etc :)

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