Where would you like ATC? (PG)

As the title says. I won’t do KLAX, KSAN or KNUC.

KVCV - SoCal Logistics

Somewhere in the London region would be nice.


EGLC? Or somewhere a bit unpopular?

Not EGLC unless they’ve fixed the Glideslopes.
My personal favorite would be EGSS.

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I’ll open up EGSS later then. Tower and Ground.

Let me know when so I can practice with night landings :)

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I’ll start a topic. :)

The glideslopes were fixed quite a while ago… :)

Ah, no. We got told that it will be in place for the next update.

Nope, the slope is still of 3°

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I’m always active in WSSS as GND and TWR. If it’s taken, I’ll usually take APP or CTR, depending on availability.

KORD please