Where would you fly when the JetBlue livery comes out?

Where would you fly with the new JetBlue when it comes out?

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Nowhere but Muscat and Atlanta, the only destinations served with the -300 from my home airport

  1. Fort Lauderdale to Newark
  2. Fort Lauderdale-Boston
  3. Fort Lauderdale-Anywhere JetBlue Flies

New York (JFK) to Hayden (HDN)

I would do Dublin to O’hare because O’hare is my home airport and Aer Lingus is one of my favorite airlines.

Hello there! GeNeRaL kEnObI

There’s already a “Where are you flying the A330?” topic that I’ve linked below. I recommend removing the A330 part and leaving in the jetBlue part. Thanks for understanding!

But personally, I’m flying MCO-EWR once we get the new livery 🙂


A330-300 already has a thread.

For the Jetblue one somewhere in Florida or maybe to Austin.


Ok I changed it

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Hmm probably… JFK-STN I get its on the A321neo but I could still do it on the A321 regular or on the A330 I think…

FLL to LAS was operated by an A320-200 for JetBlue a month ago. We received Shantay a few times during the month. I’ll definitely be flying this livery on the route on it’s arrival to IF!

Uh, ofc out of JFK to nassau Bahamas Nassau is so underrated in my eyes

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