Where would you find Approach Maps?

Just out of question, do any of you know where you’d find official approach maps/guides for airports across the globe?

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Hey Ecoops,

Here’s what I use: https://flightaware.com/resources/
Enter the ICAO code, then click on IFR Plates.

I also use fpltoif by Chris, which simplifies the whole process by automatically inserting SIDs and STARs into the FPL.


In one word “google”.

Enter into your favourite search engine the IACO for the airport and “charts’ and you will have lots of options.

Happy landings


Thanks, it’s just helpful when controlling controlling as Approach, such as now at KJFK.

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Personally, I use navigraph but you have for pay monthly/yearly for it. I also use Simbrief.


@David_Lockwood hit the nail on the head for free maps.

Flight aware only has US airport maps.

The problem is that there are so many different places that for free you have to go to so many different places to find charts. Some may just have diagram and some may have certain approaches.

In all honesty if it is something that interests you a subscription to Navigraph or similar is helpful. I’ve use an app calls Sim Plates Ultra which was a decent mobile app to find plates. It is not free.


Thanks Chris, it will help me in my journey to IFATC and real world aviation. (I actually applied for IFATC today, along with joining Westiet Virtual) Case Closed 😁😉

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Hey! @Ecoops123 I would recommend investing in Navigraph if you’re going into IFATC. Navigraph not only gives you charts for more airports than you can think of, but you also get weather reports (ATIS/METAR etc), a flight planner with updated AIRAC (I.e new waypoints) which means you can easily use with IF without having to convert it. You also get an app for both IOS and Android. It makes my life soo much easier. (I run my own Vocal ATC server and this works a treat!). Here is a link to pricing which, in my mind, is very reasonable for what you’re getting. If you need any help with anything regards ATC, drop me a DM and I’ll be happy to help! (If you want to pay monthly and get the route creator, go for ultimate.)


Jeppesen plates are by far the best in the biz if you don’t mind paying or can otherwise get your hands on some recently expired ones (make some phone calls, you might be surprised who is more than willing to give/ save you some).

However, for straight up free, you can always use AirNav. They have standard plates available for most any airport as well as real time weather.

Example: DFW. Weather on the right, detailed info on facilities and runways, then scroll to bottom for arrivals, departures, approaches.



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