Where would everyone be

At which airport there would be slot of players at on expert?

Wherever IFATC is

Like the most busiest one of all

Check out the ATC Schedule at the top of the forum - that is where the IFATC will be

Well hethrow and lax maybe


Zurich and Vienna will likely be busiest

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K I’ll check

That is on TS he is asking about Expert. Please read the entire question before answering.

@qwaickster_bagging Zurich and Vienna will likely be Tuesday’s busiest airports

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LOWW and LSZH and LSGG are the most popular airports out of the featured ones for tomorrow’s schedule

I’d recommend checking the arrivals board when selected Expert Server in the app. The number you see at each airport is the number of pilots flying there. If the airport is featured in the schedule, it is very likely that you’ll receive IFATC service.

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LHR and LAX always have traffic on Expert , even if no IFATC. However it is always busy where IFATC is that day.

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