Where "window seat" means looking at other peoples feet, Air NZ's design failure

Business Class with of the world’s top airlines flying in one of the world’s best planes sounds like an amazing journey doesn’t it, well fair to say that opinion isn’t shared much further beyond Air New Zealand’s head office in Auckland. The airline ranked 2nd globally this year according to TripAdvisor reviews and took out the top prize for best airline in the South Pacific. However, like all airlines, they have a few issues and their business class seat is one of them.

The business class in a 1-1-1 configuration, which in theory sounds good, however, all seats face away from the window, therefore eliminating the entire point of a “window seat”. The cabin also has a divider in the middle of it, therefore, making 2/3’rds of the high paying guests forced to look at each others feat, which might not be pleasant for guest who’ve paid an arm and leg for these seats. In my opinion, it is truly a horrible design and it seems like Air New Zealand is just interested in squishing the most seats in they possibly can. Other airlines like Virgin Atlantic use it, which in turn possibly inspired Air New Zealand to do the same. You have to remember these people are paying upwards of $1,000 AUD for this “privilege” and the least they could ask for is not having a view of other peoples feat for the flight.

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Huh that’s a weird design

Looking at the feet is not the problem because let’s face it that’s just to make it seem worse. The seat design is certainly bad and I wouldn’t want to fly on it hence airlines such as Virgin are redesigning their business cabin with a 1-2-1 configuration I believe. Lots of airlines use the reversed herringbone design and one things true about it, it’s better than BA’s Business product. Satisfaction rate isn’t too bad for either from what I hear, it’s mainly journalists moaning about it and while I agree I don’t think passengers are feeling ripped off because a lot of these people have other options.


I’ve flown this a few times and while it was a while ago, I remember some things. The seat is completely lie-flat, so while you are missing out on some good views during taxi, takeoff, and landing, you can fold it down and get some pictures, videos, or some nice images in that good old brain of yours. You are also not looking at people’s feet. The TV screen comes out and there are plenty of things to do on it. Also, if you get lucky enough, just look to your side and there may be a window there. All depends on which seat you get.

Can’t be worse than the British Airways Buisness class.

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I’ve flown both lol. They both have their ups and downs, I wouldn’t say one is particularly better than the other. ANZ kinda makes you feel lonely and trapped in a little hall if you know what I mean. Haven’t flown either in a while though, and I’ve heard more bad things than good about BA since the last time I flew them

I agree, its a bad design choice, but the seat is still nice. But i’ve seen worse business class seats.

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It is a herringbone seat. DL and AA also operates this type of seat. I have flown it and I do wish that you could get a better window view. It can get much worse. United IPTE is bad (diamond on par), British Airways is not great, Emirates downright horrid compared to this. It was innovated when it was released, not so much anymore.

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Flown this seat and definitely agree this really takes back from the seat. Currently Air New Zealand are working on revamping there seats hopefully renovated by the early 2020’s.

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Never been able to afford such a seat. It takes up 3-4 spots of us who fly in cattle class! Seems like people always have something to moan about. Would think you would be happy to have lots of leg room and privacy.

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@Kilt_McHaggis, they’d be happy if they got it for the same price as Economy (or I hope they would), but when they’re spending their hard earned money and getting a sub-par product, I don’t see why they can’t “moan” or be displeased with it.

This is with anything in life, for example you don’t have the same standards if you go to a Michelin Star restaurant and McDonald’s. You pay more, you should get more. And if you’re getting the same service as in McDonald’s in a Michelin Star restaurant, I believe you should be able to express your concerns.

Huh, I wonder why they set up the business class cabin having all the seats face in

The fact that these seats convert into beds mean that it is challenging to have them configured so that you can see out a window and get enough of them to make the cost of the journey economic. May as well have cabins (like in ships or trains) and put the price up 4x. Alternative is if you have that much money go charter your own plane. Sorry no sympathy here 😈

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I went on the inaugural B787-9 Business class flight from AKL-TPE. It wasn’t that bad, but privacy was a problem.

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