Where will you fly the C-130?

What kind of routes will you guys fly when the C-130 comes out, and what will you guys fly simulated missions. Here are some Missions I will fly
-Lifeboat drops
-Oil spill control
-Troop deployment
-Coast guard patrols along the coast
-Supply drops
-Airline cargo (if their is commercial liveries)
-More that I cant think of right now

Please name some other missions and routes you guys will fly.


Ah yes…

Going to go back to my good old call of duty days. Fly in a circle around an airport, switch the the wing camera, be like the good ol days

Pew pew pew, death from above, 11 killstreak
The nostalgia will be real


Um I don’t think this will be possible

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I will fly it around Edwards Air Force Base


You do have a lot of great ideas:-D

Fire fighting:Fly over a area of land and pretend to deploy what ever helps control the fire
Oil spill: search the coast
Troop deployment: Open the cargo door


I will fly it over the British Countyside 😂

Who said you could drop anything ??

Just open the cargo door and pretend thats what simulation is.

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EHBX will be a good place to land this plane!

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I’ll do patterns wherever I see will be fun

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I’ll do patterns at a military base in the Amsterdam region.

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What is the military base?

San Clemente

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I don’t know yet. I’ll find one.

Air Force bases: finally I’ll have a legitimate reason to fly to KNUC


Nowhere. Really.

Why not? You aren’t a fan of the C-130, I take it?

That’s what I will do too! :D

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I’ll be simulating supply drops to Kaikoura after the earthquake. Takeoff from Ohakea, parachute drop the supply’s at Kaikoura.
(We just got hit by a big earthquake in New Zealand)