Where will you be flying tomorrow?

Hello, infinite flight community,

Where will you be flying tomorrow? I will be flying from Houston to Washington Dulles in the United A320 tomorrow. I made this post to help boost the activity in the community since it is kinda quiet.




A nice medium haul into Cairo :)

You can see the IFATC schedule here:

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tomorrow I’ll be in Africa enjoying the ATC and scenery


Nice flight. :)

yep you joined in at a good time as we are all celebrating IF’s 10th year!

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Yeah, I am really excited for 21.1.

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LFPG-HECA AF350, 4 hours flight :)

Pretty cool flight. After my flight to Dulles I would probably do a flight from EGLL-HECA in a British Airways B787-9.

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everyone is. Except some people that i know

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Oh ok. I might actually do the EGLL-HECA first than KIAH-KIAD.

im going to be around the southern part. HAAB, FAOR and all of those


I’ll be flying FR1025 from EIDW-LHBP
FR1026 from LHBP-EIDW

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what time is this flight

Which one?

the Houston to Washington flight

KMEM-OMDB for the FedEx VA event, should be a good turn out!

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Oh, I was going to do that flight after Heathrow to Cairo since it is on the ATC Schedule.

I will PM you when I am ready if you want to? Since I live on the East Coast it might be around noon to 2pm on Saturday.

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oh okay may i join the houston flight

Yeah sure but can we continue this in pm so we don’t add more messages.

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