Where will ground services work

Hey IFC. With 22.4 coming out soon and the ground services being confirmed I have 1 question. Will it work like the pushtug and show up even at a non 3D airport. Or will the stairs and catering and things only work at 3D airports?

GSE will work at any airport 3D or 2D as long as the aircraft itself is compatible with the GSE that you are requesting.


Ok that’s good to know bc most of the airports I do my flying at are still 2D so it’s good that the new ground services will still work

Thank you

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Does it work on planes that don’t have animated doors like the B739 or the A321?

Check out what Jason mentioned on discord regarding your question:


Ok thank you!

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Actually, i do have a question too.
Will ground services will work for 3D Airports only?

I mean, right now we can have pushback tog, but will it stay the same for non-3D?

It’ll work for both

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