Where we going we don’t need roads!

It could be due to winds, aircraft variant, altitude, etc. Lots of factors play into the groundspeed of an aircraft.


Is his altitude higher than yours?

It’s displaying Ground Speed.


This speed is normal during transatlantic or pacific flights. The altitude and wind currents can have a huge impact on the speed of an aircraft!

That’s the Airspeed your looking groundspeed

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That’s incorrect. Neither circled speed is airspeed.

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Mathew is correct. This speed is ground speed.

Airspeed is not displayed on that picture.

I believe that this is because of altitude. Correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s ground speed, when you are 30,000 ft + in the air it’s increased.

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as everyone has said many factors can contribute to speed such as wind, aircraft weight etc …
but in your case I would say it is definitely because of altitude, the other aircraft is only 31900ft I suppose you must be well below that to have the speed you have, especially with a B787. (correct me if I’m wrong)

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This should provide some clarity on the difference between your 350kts IAS and 391kts Groundspeed


I was going 700 gs other day as I had a 100 knot tailwind

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Yes! He was at ~30k feet and I was 12k feet. My airspeed was 349kts

So why is his ground speed THAT much faster than mine? Like he caught up with me and surpassed me really quickly.

He was at ~30k feet and I was ~12k feet. My airspeed was 349kts

Then, of course his airspeed is going to be much higher than yours. As you go higher, your ground speed increases, as there is less air resistance. Especially with him being 18k feet above you, his ground speed will be dramatically higher. Were you still at cruise?


Awesome. I didn’t know that! Thank you 😊

I was at cruise yeah

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You probably should be much higher at cruise. Airliners usually cruise above 30k feet, so your airspeed should be closer to his if you cruise at that height.


It is normal, what you see is the ground speed. With regard to the aircraft in question, it is probably having headwinds. that is why its reading 466 knots (I fly the 77W and the cruise is usally high speed (Mach.80+) so I could be wrong here).

For eg. I’m in flight on the way to Paris clocking at 539 knots ground speed. But in the actual Indicated airspeed, I’m showing 293 knots, at Mach 0.87(I’m flying faster to brun a little more fuel) at FL300

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