Where to start with Live for beginner!

Hello IF!

This is my first post on here, so please go easy on me :)

I am interested to start trying live, but I am unsure where to start, or how progression works. I’ll be honest, it does seem a bit overwhelming, and there are so many different tutorials I’m not sure what to do but hopefully I’ll get the hang of things. Can someone explain the basics, important rules, common violations, what plane, airport to start, etc.

Thank you!


Well hello and welcome to this amazing Community!

Be sure to check the #tutorials category which has many great tutorials for beginners like you!

Also, be sure to visit the Official Infinite Flight YouTube channel which also has some amazing video tutorials that can help you.


Glad you asked!

I recommend you starting off on the Casual Server, where you can easily learn how to use Unicom. You progress to other servers by how good your flying is.


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