Where to spot next[Travels to Europe][Ams and Sfo Chosen]

Hey guys
I am traveling to Europe this month and was wondering were you guys would like to see some spotting.
Sjc-SanJose Mineta Airport California
Sfo- San Francisco Airport California
Sea-Seattle Tacoma. Washington
Las- Las Veagas Airport Nevada
Dtw- Detroit Metropolitan Micighan
Ams- Schipol Airport. Netherlands
Cph- Copenhagen Denmark
Txl-Berlin Germany

Please Pick Two:

  • Sjc
  • Sfo
  • Sea
  • Las
  • Dtw
  • Ams
  • Cph
  • Txl

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@BigBert10 Yea when I tried to edit my poll it wouldn’t let me it said contact a moderator but then he tried and couldnt do it so he closedit and I opened another one.

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I see, my apologies.

Thank you to everyone that is voting this poll will close on April 26 due to the day I am leaving for europe

I guess as of right now we will be able to see the new delta a350 in ams and all the heavies out of intentional terminal at sfo


If you do spot at Copenhagen, I’d love to see the Air Greenland A330

I’ll will make sure I try to do that. I will do a couple picture of each place.

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This poll will be closed in 15 mins so please vote

Ams and Sfo it is.Thank you all for voting

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