Where to report someone

Hello, where can I report a user for going through me at busy Heathrow in EXPERT server?

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A typical pilot cannot report another pilot. Currently, it appears that @Erik_Popescu is the controller. He has been tagged and will contact you, or reply here when he can.

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That is something you have to contact the controller about

Who was your controller?

So did he disregard ATC instructions at EGLL or was he listening to ATC and that happened?

Either way there is no reason for a pilot to go through another pilot on the ground!

I mean, that. To who can I report that user. But already PM the ATC present at EGLL

Of course they are not supposed to ,but could this have been an ATC mistake because of how busy EGLL is or if not then the pilot should be contacted by the controller.

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(Im not showing his name for obvious reasons)

Yeah thats something that you should talk to a mod or the controller about! Because that should not happen. Had the same thing happen to me thursday. I would go directly to the controller first.

EGLL is jam-packed at the moment. It is possible the controller missed it as they could’ve been focusing on other aircraft movements. Please allow the controller some time to reply to the PM you have sent.


Not too much

Except for the times when the player was deliberately trolling or had an offensive callsign, reports are not given out retroactively.

I don pretend him to read it now. Just wanna make him know. Because that boy has not even did pushback…

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Going through another aircraft when you are not instructed is a reportable offense

Yes, I understand. He will get back to you when he can. He’s been tagged here (in an edit on my original post) and notified in his PM’s since you messaged him.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience. Enjoy the remainder of your day :)

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Thats my point ,also lets wait for the controllers response and you can bring action from there.

I mean, yesterday I almost went thought M-AGIC at Vancouver because I did not pressed the brake correctly. If I only had kissed his APU would have received a level 3 violation

Controllers, Mods & Staff are able to report people. Unfortunately, due to how busy it likely was at LHR, its possible that someone’s poor piloting behavior slipped through. Apologies for this inconvenience.