Where to post 3D Airport anomalies?

Hi , I recently spawned at Stockholm Arlanda
ESSA. " Terminal 5 Apron AB Gate 7"
That is the IF defined location

When I saw APRON and GATE combined I was curious.

Well there is an issued here that needs to be looked at for a future update with a fix.

I spawned at other locations at this pier. Gate 9 and Gate 5 , one gate over to the left and right of 7.
They are ok ! Will check more later today.

At Apron AB Gate 7 there is a Jet Bridge ( several at Terminal 5) . When I request the Pass /Jet Bridge connection it does not move, instead boarding stairs drive up and conflict with the Jet Bridge
It looks like IF doesn’t know this is a gate with a Jet bridge and its coded as though its a open Apron area. So a review and update will be needed when it can be done.

Please see attached screen shot.

If this post needs to be moved , ok but how do I move it ?


Same happened to me when stairs spawn on a jet bridge gate at Fuji airport!


I would move this to the #support category.

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To not clog the community the best thing would probably be to Dm the editor.

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@Levet is the airport editor of ESSA

I think I know what is causing this and it’s only happening with smaller bodied aircrafts parked at gates that cover multiple sizes including class d and class e. I’ll take a look when I have a chance.


Thanks for the heads up. Will work on fixing this for a future release.