Where to hold short at Miami?

Hey All,
Where to Hold Short at Miami?
Also is my Holding Short Correct? Due that the Wing was crossing the Hold Short line

The runway hold short would be the one next to the runway the other two are taxiway holds.


Thank you, but is my holding short correct? My wing is crossing the Main hold short?

honestly, you should add this to the humorous photos thread


Well kinda you could of moved closer to the runway hold but it’s not wrong what your doing.

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Isn’t there a second runway on the right side of the picture as well?

Yes i think there is as you can see a thick white line and a wing

I hate when I approach that runway, I’m clueless on where to stop, it’s a mess!

Is that an ILS critical area? Kind of looks like it in your pic, even though the markings are the same.
I don’t know and that’s why I am asking.


Nop it is not it

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It’s not an ILS hold its runway holds mixed with taxiway holds.

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This is WRONG. Your wing is extending past the runway 08R hold short line. This is a runway incursion.


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Any line or whatever wrong/missing. Let me know I’ll correct it

As far as I’ve seen @Brandon_Sandstrom, taxiway holds aren’t so close to the runway. It’s near the terminal usually :)

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Yep your right here is the insert for that holding area

So in that case @R_Jordanian no your not holding short correctly it’s the first line you come to.

@dush19 appears the two holds next to the runway need to be reversed for landing traffic.


We all learned something new here today 😂


I got more Complicated.,

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