Where to? For a night flight tonight

I was wondering since tomorrow’s ATC is to where the ATCs home town is from, I was thinking of doing around a 11 1/2 hour night flight but I’m wondering where most of the ATC is going to be, does anyone suggest anywhere?

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Sometimes when cases like tomorrow happen someone makes a tracking thread in #atc and people will post when they’re open and what not. However i cannot speak for on behalf of the IFATC.

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I’d find an airport where it’s a few IFATC’S home airport and hope for the best :).

Potentially somewhere to Boston, because it is near Plymouth Rock because it’s after thanksgiving!

And here is the link for the Expert tracking thread.


You could fly EGLL to KLAX

Will KLAX be open though

I suggest flying to the general direction of the US and then diverting to wherever opens if you really want IFATC coverage.


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