where to fly??

OK… I got Infinite flight Global last night for my Birthday. I have done some flights. I would like some ideas for places to fly. I want to do some short haul flights and long haul flights. if i could get some responses that would be great!!

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If you want great scenery and interesting approaches, I recommend airport hopping down the Alaskan panhandle. Make sure you check out the landing charts for PAJN (Juneau) - it’s a fun one if you do it right.

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Hi there! I recccomed MMUN, since the water and beaches are great. Also, the link below has some routes suggested to fly. Also, happy late birthday!


If you every get bored of flying personally you should check out Virtual Airlines. You have a det goal and a set ammount of routes you can fly. There is also a great community that is there to support you.

I would recommend looking at the Suggested Routes. You can find the length of the route as well as what way points you need to use to complete the routes.

I suggest any flight around mountains. I did a flight into Queenstown New Zealand, and the approach is very beautiful

(You can find the landing on my YouTube Channel, the link is in my profile)

I did a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo. The look of the airport at night is beautiful. The approach has you going over amazing landscapes, into a detailed and lit up airport.

Make sure to check out the following routes too. I have personally flew some of them and the scenery was just stunning:

Happy Birthday! I would recommend LAX to SFO for short haul. I believe that’s its the most popular route in infinite flight

Agreed there.


Random flight generator 🎉

Go to VOGO 😍

I did that last night but I was on a time crunch

thank you!!

Thank you!!!

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If you want to see lots of people because you payed for live, go to KLAX, EGLL or KJFK.

(Amsterdam to Princess Juliana)
You can use the KLM 747! And Happy birthday to you!

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