Where to fly in the London region?

Hey guys so recently I was flying a short flight in the Airbus A318 British Airways and I was tired of flying the regular route that I fly which is London Heathrow to Gatwick. So anyway I decided to pick a random airport and it ended up being Sandown or whatever it is called. So I departed London Heathrow cruised for a little while then it was time for approach. I started descending . About 500 feet in the air I realized it was a short grass runway. And it was midnight and the last thing I wanted to do was divert to another airport. At that point I knew there was no way out so I landed the plane with all wheels on the ground I had my brakes on, thrust reversers, spoilers, literally everything to slow down it wasn’t enough. So I did what no other pilot in infinite pilot probably did. I veered of the runway onto the taxi way to avoid overshooting the runway. Luckily the plane stopped although 10 injuries were reported. So you all know what happened I got sued and have to pay off a big bill. Now I know all of you are thinking… Get to the point Gman. So basically what I am trying to say is if anyone has any good routes to fly in the London region because I don’t know any. Now I know I could of checked the airport before I flew there but I was really tired and there was no time for that nonsense. Hopefully you guys liked the little story. Thanks :)


Birmingham is one of my favorite airports :)
EGHH is Bournemouth I think


From EGLL or EGKK (Heathrow and Gatwick) going up to EGBB (Birmingham) those are both really njce flights. I do them often.


EGKK to EGNX is a nice flight. Pretty long, too.


EGKK-EGBB is probably one of the longest jetliner capable routes in the London region.

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Too bad EGNX has no waypoints near it. Could go from Bournemouth EGBH to some other places.

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