Where to find pilots interested in joining new VA

Hello guys I hope you are all safe and sound at home
As some of you may know I am the chairman of a brand new VA called Libyan Airlines Virtual or LAVA (website on my profile)
It has been quite hard trying to find pilots especially since we are not approved yet but we are on awaiting review list and I can see we are really close. So if anyone knows anybody wanting to help out a brand new VA get started out or even join for the long term please let us know.
Thanks! :)

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When your VA is IFVARB approved, and last time I checked, yesterday it wasn’t, you can post in #live:va on a thread promoting your VA!

Adding on, you can’t post in #live:va for your group when not approved :)

As mentioned below you can create a thread to advertise your VA for staff. Please remember that members can only be staff at 1 group.


I believe you can only start finding staff now before the approval but you cannot get pilots until it is approved.