Where to find cool planes on FlightRadar24

I just discovered FlightRadar24. I purchased an upgrade that shows different icons for different planes. I was hoping to see some cool stuff (e.g. AC-130, F16) on the radar, but I can’t seem to find much other than private and commercial jets, and the occasional copter. Any tips on where to look? For example, is there a region where Air Force planes tend to fly (and where they don’t care about the public seeing them)?


I don’t think it’s typical to find military on FR24, however you may hear them on liveatc.net. The only military planes I know for a fact are tracked are JANET’s 737s that service Area 51 and Groom Lake.


I actually have no idea 😂, umm… most jets can’t be tracked on FR24 anyway.

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graveyards have “cool planeS”

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Look around major airports. Eventually, you’ll find a special aircraft. :)

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You can also try ads b exchange, that tracks military aircraft, I use it all the time. It’s brilliant


I know RAF voyager flights are tracked. However you have to find them as opposed to a filter. Just type the beginning of their registration in the search bar “ZZ3”

I randomly tap on planes and see what comes up. Once, I randomly clicked on a plane and it’s Callsign was “12345678”. Really. If you check the FR24 findings topic you’ll see it.
Anyways. It’s luck as I said. Just randomly click on a plane and who knows, it might be the A350-1000 or a 737 MAX or even the VC-25 possibly.

99.9% sure that you can’t even find a trace of the VC-25 on FR24

Ok anyways, you might track MH370 taking off of the north pole. Even though there isn’t so much chance.

You can find Belugas in Western Europe and Dreamlifters in America. In Brazil there are balloons (HBAL or whatever).

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