Where to Find/Buy Plane Models

Hi everybody. Since I figured a lot of people in the community have diecast plane models, where is the best place to find or buy them? What is the normal price range for a model? Thanks and happy holidays!

Also, if this shouldn’t be in general, please let me know.

Hi, this website has many companies and airlines to choose from, enjoy!


Awesome! Thanks for the link. Will keep this bookmarked.


The cheapest ones are most from people selling them on EBay.

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you can find a list here:


A good website that I use is:



Amazon of course. But GeminiJets also has a list of retailers that you can find on there website, here is a link.


Was looking on amazon earlier. So do you search for the retailer on amazon or how do you do it?

I usually just search for Geminijets 1 400 or 1 200 depending on which you prefer. :)


A convenience store in an airport is good!

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Like @Air_New_Zealand08 said, Almost every airport has a store with models. My home airport has an entire convenience store with 300+ models to choose from!


Really?! Mine does not. I fly out of KLAX and KSNA, but i have never found a Store. The closest shop (that’s not online) is in Las Vegas.

The closest shop I use is camaust in Melbourne, other than that, eztoys is a great website

I look for people who are trying to sell off a model from their collection so that they can make room for a new one ;-). Ebay mostly.

Most airports usually have the daron/realtoy models though. LAX only has daron/realtoy models. Some airports I have been to carry Gemini Jets like PHNL and CYYC. It all depends on the type of store you go too.

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Depends on what brand you want. I personally pefer Geminijets: http://www.geminijets.com

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