Where to find accurate routes for the DC-10F?

Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone has found a good location for finding routes for the cargo airlines on the DC-10F, so far I’ve tried googling around and asking some others and most people have pointed me to this website, but it seems to only have passenger routes. Since many of the airlines are also defunct/bankrupt it seems that makes it much harder to find accurate information. Any help would be much appreciated!

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FedEx still operates DC10s but only until 2021 i think.

go to this page scroll down to “DC10” and you will find many routes:


Yea I get that, but I’m looking to get some of the more classic airlines, like Emery Worldwide and Solar Cargo routes as an example.

I mean, the last Solar plane was scrapped in 2012, I’m not sure how much is out there. There this though:

(My Spanish isn’t awesome [read: terrible] but I think I get the gist.)



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