Where to buy model aircraft

Ive seen a few posts on where to buy model aircraft…

http://airspotters.com - is a great place to buy models and more. Their customer service is outstanding and they are always happy to help!

They ship worldwide.

I have bought from a few retailers and they are by far the best!

Hope this helps!

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Buy from @Ryan_Vince ;)

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They selling their collection?

Airspotters are for new models - I would really recommend them!

Or if you don’t trust online website, When you go to the airport, find a shop that sells them! :D

If you are looking for recent releases, and live in the US I could easily get them for you.

Like how easily…free easily!? 😜

I can’t do free but our prices are very competitive with the cheapest online stuff you can get.


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You can also buy model planes at airports.

Or on planes at ridiculous prices (generous family? :-)


It always, always helps to shop around, think of what model you want and search Google shopping, Google images (click on the website the picture of your model is on), eBay, Amazon and specific model airplane websites like Airspotters.net.

Yes! Airspotters.com is one of the best I think!

Airports tend to be more expensive to be honest

They are not really ridiculous prices, they are fairly competitive for the type of model they are! Die cast does not come cheap

Im not sure, Maybe ask Airspotters.com and see if they can help - contact details on their site

Or you can fly to Amsterdam, there is an store named planes@plaza and you can buy modelplanes :)

you dont always have that option though…

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I buy mine from premier planes and sky marks (online)

Premier Planes and Skymarks models are available to buy at airspotters.com at good prices!