Where to buy Airplane Models?

That’s how I broke my Herpa Swiss A340’s engines and my Lufthansa A380s gear😓😪

Oh, dang. By the way, I’ve heard of the Herpa planes, they look nice but do they ship to the US? Do they ship at all? It doesn’t seem like it on their website.

My father got them for me, he travels a lot

Dang, I wonder if somehow I can buy the Herpa planes from E-Bay or Amazon…

eBay has a lot of unreliable sellers. They show a picture when it was brand new, and you get it with paint chipped off, and gears broken.

Playing with any of the high end models will almost certainly result in the gear breaking apart or antennas coming off the model. The AA 76W was around $75 but it is long since sold out.

That’s why you have eBay buyer protection, I’ve only had one model I have had issues with over the years, and eBay refunded me and told me to keep the model.

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Oh, sounds bad, maybe Amazon?

Ok, maybe I’ll just leave them for collection :D Do you pay for buyer protection?

I don’t really collect aircraft anymore, I like collecting automobiles. That’s why my profile picture is a Ferrari F430 in Cali.

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Buyer protection comes with every eBay purchase.

But if it’s an auction, don’t rely on it.

Oh, sounds great :)

Can I see your airport?

Regardless of buy it now or auction, you are protected.

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My airport consists of airplanes hiding in boxes all over my house, as well as boxes of new inbound planes I haven’t opened that arrived from my distributor.


Holy moly, I wish I had that big of a collection, are the planes in the boxes or in a little airport?

A lot are in boxes, some never opened yet. The rest are in my room.


Woah, that’s a lot of planes. By the way, where can I get a yellow spirit airlines plane?

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