Where to buy Airplane Models?

Hey, I started getting into Model Airplanes and I’m not sure where to buy them online. Is www.diecastairplane.com a reliable site? Or should I be going on E-Bay? Because Amazon has some bad ones and barely any good ones that I’m looking for. Any help is good! I live in the US (California, to be exact).



Have you ordered stuff from these websites?

Yes I have. I regularly buy from Geminijets. Haven’t tried Flying Mule in a long time but they’re still up and running so I assume service hasn’t changed since then (It was standard service). Waffle Collectibles has great quality products but they take forever to ship and deliver.

How long did it take to get your plane from Waffle Collectibles? I love the website design :D The problem with GeminiJets is that almost all their planes are sold out, especially the ones I want :P

I think it took 2 weeks. It’s listed on the product page though if I’m mistaken or if it varies product-to-product.

Filter out the out of stock ones by using the advanced search function (See products). Therefore you won’t know what you’re missing. They have a fairly well stocked inventory.

Don’t ever buy from Waffle Collectibles, if you have any problems with a damaged model you will get rude responses and cussed out by Micheal who runs the site. If you were to buy online, I would buy from Nick who runs http://www.jetwaymodels.com. He does orders in a different way that sometimes takes a while to process, but stands behind the items he sells and will take care of you no matter what. I would also check your local hobby shop if you have one because they could easily stock them using a distributor like Daron WWT.

Yes, I have. I have 2 aircraft

Ouch, might as well do GeminiJets.

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How long did it take to get your airplane from JetwayModels?

@panemadblog Have you ordered from there? @planemadblog is the worldwide shipping process?

By the way, should I get the ones with stands or no stands?

It depends on where you are located but PriortyMail within the US is 2 Day.

Cool, the prices on the Skymarks ones are cheap, but I’m wondering if I should get the planes with a stand or no stand…

I have a whole GeminiJets model airport, and it is ONLY GeminiJets products (terminal, ground vehicles, jetways, airport mat, aircraft).

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Personally if you’re wanting a really nice model would just go for it and get a Gemini200 model that is diecast, has landing gear, antennas and includes a stand.


I prefer GeminiJets 1:400 scale models.

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Really? What was the price for this one? Looks so nice ~_~

Luck you! I’m just looking to buy some to collect them and maybe play with them everyonce in a while (yes, I play with them.)