Where the real hype should be!

Hey all!

The beautiful update of 19.4 is out! This means I get to finally do some flying with the amazing C172!

What a better way to do it that patterns at LFBO, with the callsign “FLY-PROP”

Show those trash haulers where it’s at 😜

Expert Server
C172 - G1000

At the stand

Heading to runway 32L

On downwind, just look at this beautiful bird!

Final for 32L (Yes I was much too slow, just testing something)

I did a few patterns but now I’ll be trying my hand at the new A350. Lets see how it goes!

Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy the update as much as I do!



😎 Cool, I’d move fast before the A350 has your 172 as a snack

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I’m actually a little bit more happy about the new map ;)

So what did you think of the 172 updates?

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Awesome… 👍

Now come on Chris, what type of question is that?

Answer: beyond awesome :)


It’s incredible! IFLLC outdid themselves again. Plane looks amazing, and has so many realistic features!

Absolutely loving the G1000, and also… no gear covers!

I’ll be flying it a lot more often 😃

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