Where the fog? Many people are having problems seeing fog only when landing. Any hints to fix this?

I am having issues viewing fog when landing Sometimes I find airports with the red center or METARS that have inclement weather so I can practice landing under different flight conditions. Several months back I remember flying several miles out and being able to fly through it. Now if I’m lucky I have to be practically on the red dot after I land for it to come up. Any hints with this issue?

No, we don’t have clouds and haze.

We have fog.


But theres still an issue with fog. Appears, dissapears, appears, dissapears, every 5 seconds sometimes.

Ok even fog doesn’t work. What’s “HZ” in the METAR?

Take the METAR with a pinch of salt, if its telling its raining - we dont get it.

IF simulates cloud layers and haze by presenting fog. Cloud layers being the key, that’s why upon climbout and descent you see the fog come and go.


Thanks, however I just tried again at KAPA. I’ve included pictures of the metar. When I took off there was 3/4 fog everywhere. When I turned around to land it was all gone and didnt reappear till I sat on the red dot. This happens everywhere. Have you tried it?

What exactly do you mean by the “red dot”?

On the map when you look at each airport there is an icon for it. In the center of the icon is a dot. Green standing for something like good. Light blue for slightly worse weather and a red dot for degraded more weather. See it?

Yes. I see it. I’m not sure what kind of weather you’re getting, but the fog disappearing and reappearing when going to a certain spot has never happened to me.

Ok. Talking more specifically about landing. When you go into land are you getting the fog before landing?

Yes. It usually appears around FL030-040.

This is likely because there is only fog in certain sections of the airport, just like in real life. IF uses live weather, meaning that the weather in IF is the same as IRL.

Ok. Well I’ve tried different airports landed and taken off on the same runway with the same METAR as when I took off. Always works when I take of like several months ago. and lasts a few miles after the airport. When I come in to land a few minutes later it’s gone. Then if I take off on the same strip it’s there again. Dome this so many times testing it and yet the same result. Maybe it’s something with my device? Galaxy S8 + or one of my settings then if no one else is experiencing it?.?

The METAR only shows the weather at the airport dot, not on taxiways or runways.
The weather might be weird there

Not that often, at least not really with visibility above 1SM (blue dot).

Ok thanks.

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What device are you using? I have a feeling its taking your device a while to render the fog and so doesnt display it till too late.

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Hmm. It’s a Galaxy S8+. It used to work fine.

And when I start at the airport the fog is there. Just not when I land

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I can confirm the same issue. During approach it was clear, once landed- heavy fog in EGLL (which had red dot on the map). iPhone 6s.