Where should my next tutorial feature?

If you’re unaware I have a bit of a tutorial series when I cover some of the worlds most dangerous approaches. I’m kind of split on where I should cover next, and I need some suggestions. I figured it’d be nice to get some community input as well.

Where Next?
  • Kai Tak (VHHX)
  • Innsbruck (LOWI)
  • Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy (TNCM, TFFJ)
  • Lukla (VNLK)
  • LaGuardia Expressway Visual (KLGA)
  • Other (Comment Below)

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If for some reason this gets closed, I’ll do Kai Tak and you can expect it to be posted within the week!

I would love to see one on Paro (VQPR).

LaGuardia. It’s a really interesting approach.

VNLK, please! Especially the final approach to the short field landing, and your aim point on final. Your tutorials are awesome, I enjoyed your Paro tutorial especially!

however if the VNLK tutorial isn’t done in an A380 I’ll be highly disappointed. (Just kidding.)


@A_Plane_Guy actually has done one on Paro before. You can find that in the topic linked below.

Somebody congratulate me on being the stupidest person on the IFC.

Your not stupid. You just did not realize that they had already made one for Paro. That’s it.

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