Where should my next event be?

For my next event, I chose a few airports with absolutely stunning scenery and I wanted to know which one the community would like an event to be at. The choice is yours!

  • OLBA (Beirut, Lebanon)
  • TNCM (St. Maarten)
  • LOWI (Innsbruck, Austria)
  • KMLB (Melbourne, Florida)
  • LFMN (Nice Cote D’Azur, France)

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I’m beginning to really hate these, why cant you decide yourself and host the event? People will still come to it, show some back and make the decision yourself.


I would try something different like LFMN, but people always want popular airports like San Marteen, LAX, JFK, Frankfurt, Heathrow, regular airports that are always being used in events.

If you want something different but still big, I recommend austin 😉

Also Melbourne Australia. It’s a huge airport that barely anyone flies to because Sydney is close to it

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