Where Should My Next Event Be?

Hello IFC,
I am having a bit of trouble creating events that other members are extremely interested in. So, my thought was, why don’t I ask the community to vote on what airport they would like. You can also recommend airports to be added to the poll if you think that it should get some attention. At all these airports I never see anyone.

  • Tampa (KTPA)
  • Cairo (HECA)
  • Brisbane (YBBN)
  • Kiev (UKLL)
  • Shanghai (ZSPD)
  • Buenos Aires (SAEZ)

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Let’s give Kiev a nice day for once. 👍

But that’s a nice great choice! Looking forward.

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Cairo sounds like a great airport I don’t think I have ever seen an event on the

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OLBA ( Beirut Airport ) Great Landscape


I tried to add it but you cannot edit a poll after 5 min.

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Btw the numbers are a bit low on some of my other events if you guys are interested.

Yeah the great landscape we have the mountains faces the sea will make a great atmosphere to the event

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I will have it as a consideration even if it isn’t on the poll.