Where should my next event be held?

Hi ladies and gentlemen, im quickly gonna make a poll about where my next event will be. Sadly, i wont be able to end it due to my sub ending on the 7th July.

  • Novosibirsk
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Keflavik

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Then… why are you posting this if you won’t be hosting the event?


Doesnt mean i still cant create them

If you are hosting an event, it should be your responsibility to show up and lead the event.

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Well i cant as im not planning on my renewing my sub anytime soon

Just as @Thunderbolt previously addressed, if that’s the case, then don’t create an event. You might as well let someone else do it for you if you can’t attend.

If uve got an issue about me creating them, feel free NOT to comment

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Okay, my bad. Good luck and enjoy your event :)

Sorry for trying to help out. Just trying to prevent you from putting in hard work for a potentially poor turnout.

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I don’t think this is @Zachary’s problem, I just think they’re concerned that attendees will be promised an event that will turn out poorly because you won’t be able to plan properly without a subscription. I’m just trying to look out for you and your event as if hate to see a good opportunity go to waste!

Someone’s got it :)

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Im just trying to create events for people and this IFC as sadly this will be last month forever. I can probably find a friend who will be able to spawn in and join

When does your subscription run out?

7th July (10)

BTW. Poll closes at 1800z

Maybe you could try to put something small together with a few folks.

Decision to Keflavik

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