Where should my next event be? (Final poll is up)

My next event will be made after my last event that will be on the 18th of May so I was just wondering where it should take place just note it will be a fly out event.
This poll is now closed go vote for the second one down below in the comments

  • Paris ( LFPG)
  • Keflavik (BIKF)
  • Kansas City (KMCI)
  • Salt Lake City (KSLC)
  • Toronto (CYYZ)
  • Halifax (CYHZ)
  • Other (Please specify )

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If you pick other please don’t vote reply with your requested

List of requested Airports



My other events


[22 attending] Frankfurt Flyout @EDDF 182000ZMAY19

[19 attending] Seattle Tacoma Flyout @KSEA 111900ZMAY19

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You should make an event at KTYS it rarely ever has traffic and is a small airport it’s main carrier is Allegiant and the largest passenger aircraft it can hold is an a320 while on the military it can hold the Kc-135. The airport is in Knoxville Tennessee. @Matthew_20204

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I’ll keep that on the list

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Do one at EDDT, Germany’s capital isn’t getting enough love in IF.

Sure I’ll add it to the list

WADD - Denpasar Ngurah Rai should be a good Fly out event. Im sure participant will be do flights to some nearest or main Australian Airports. Also the largest aircraft can park on this airport would be B777/A340-600/747, An-124 are welcome

At BKPR!! or LPBJ!!

At VABB!! Please!!

If you reply I’ll add your request

I’d recommend to choose three airports and do another poll. This way everyone will name his or her favorite airport and the list will get longer and longer. Who’d like to have an event at his/her home airport can create one.

Over the last month I went to KTYS 8 times. It is fun approaching it.

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Im going to take the top 2 Airports in this poll and then add them to another poll with 4 requested Airports

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How about Poland? Wroclaw (EPWR) or Krakow? (EPPK)

Please, make it at CYUL

I would like to request KAUS or KDFW

I’m only taking 3 more requests

Take mine please


For simple reasons

  1. The airport has 2 runways, one for departing (30R/12L) and one for arrivals (30L/12R), which helps keep a steady flow of traffic
  2. It has 2 taxiways from the commercial runways to the commercial aircraft gates (Taxiway Y and X), so aircraft can broth pushback and taxi at the same time.
  3. It is just a great airport with many departures a day and flights to nearby places like ONT as well as flights to destinations far, like LHR!

I have @Philippe_Gilbert

I’ll add it