Where should my December Multiple-Airport Event Be

Hey everybody. I know I’ve been making a lot of events, but this one will take me a while. So I decided to let you guys decide now. This will be a multiple airport event right before Christmas to celebrate. I hope everybody can come! Here are your options.

  • LA Area: LAX, BUR, SNA
  • Chicago Area: ORD,MDW
  • NY Area: JFK, EWR, LGA
  • Miami Area: MIA, FLL
  • London Area: EGLL, EGKK, EGSS
  • Tokyo Area: RJTT, RJAA

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I didn’t add D.C area because somebody else already made it and I didn’t add San Fransisco area because I already have an event there. Please let me know your opinion down below! Also I’m going to post the event after my BWI flyout.

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I would suggest not doing MIA and FLL because I’m doing both of those in December as part of my flyout series, and fewer people would show up. I voted for Tokyo, I’d love to see it!!!

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I have closed it as nobody else has voted, already working on a Handea and Narita event planned near Christmas! Hint: It’s a multiple airport Christmas celebration flyout at Handea and Narita.

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Dont plan it directly on Christmas though ;)

Unless you don’t want a lot of attendees.

It’s planned a couple days before Christmas @anon41771314 :)

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Wow I am so excited!!!

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