Where should I take this picture?

So I want to take a picture with the following qualities:

  • High Mountains in the background or around the aircraft
  • Sun Setting behind the aircraft
  • with a “long, sleek” looking aircraft (like a 777 or 787)

Please suggest a possibility like this;

  • Place: (mountain chain or area) near (airport)
  • Date: (only if you know a good date to take this shot)
  • Aircraft: (for example: 777-300er)

Please suggest where you think I should take this picture below!
Thank you in advance for all of your suggestions!

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Denver above the Rocky Mountains.

For Example:

  • Place: Haathi Parvat mt. near VIDN
  • don’t know date
  • 787-9

Just an example

Caribbean And Near Key West.

I’ll check it out. Thank you for replying so quickly.

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Yeah. I type so fast on mobile.

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