Where should I start?

Hey fellow aviators and enthusiasts!

I should start off by saying that I am a student pilot who just started flight training in a Piper PA-28 not too long ago, and only have about 3 hours in the air. I really enjoy it, and I hope that Infinite Flight can help me to build up my skills and knowledge about flight and/or getting used to ATC.
I have been using Infinite Flight for a while now just for fun without much outside experience of aviation, and today was the first time that I joined Infinite Flight Online. So far I really enjoy the experience that the online version brings. I have a few questions that would greatly help me get used to the software and online atmosphere:

What would be the best way to start with getting integrated into the community? I’d assume that this forum would be the best means of doing so. Is there a certain thread that I should read up on? Is it okay to ask questions even if I am not very skilled and knowledgeable yet?

How should I start building my way up to the higher grades and building my flight knowledge?

As I am only a new student pilot, there is still a lot I need to learn about aviation. Is it possible to find lessons on how to be a better pilot in Infinite Flight and further improve my skills? I am very nervous to hop onto the other servers as violations are present and I do not want a bad record.

Thank you to anyone who can help me out. I really appreciate your consideration for providing me with a guide on how to start on Infinite Flight Online, and I look forward to learning more! :)



First things first, welcome to the Infinite Flight Community (IFC). In regards to your first question, Infinite Flight Community is the best place to meet new friends and fellow Infinite Flight fans. You can ask as many questions as you like, and I can promise you, they’ll always be someone here with an answer.

I’ve linked below a very important topic, that will explain everything you need to understand about this community. If you have any other questions, let me know!

In regards to you building yourself up to higher grades; your best bet is to keep flying on the Casual Server until you become more comfortable as the Casual Server has no violations.

To climb to other grades within Infinite Flight, just keep on flying and landing. You’ll gain XP and you’ll be there in no time.

If you are looking for ways to improve your piloting skills, your best bet is just practice. The old saying is true…‘Practice makes perfect!’

If you have any questions, let me know. :) Glad to have you with us in the IFC.


First of all welcome to the Infinite Flight Comunity!

As a student pilot, your knowledge isn’t probably as bad as you think. From my own experience I can say IF is a nice simulator to have some fun, but nothing to train real-life flying skills in, it’s simply not detailed enough. Currently there are no working cockpits (except of one), we have no charts and maps integrated, and the aircraft you’re training on isn’t in the IF fleet at the moment. Still IF is awesome for everyone interested in aviation!

To train your flying skills, I can only recommend to talk to your flight instructor and ask him everything you want to know, I’m sure she’s/he’s happy to help. Learn the real-life procedures with IATA charts and if needed go ahead and order a poster of the PA-28 cockpit.
Just one important thing: please do not rely on any important information given by someone else than your FI or a qualified person!

Now go ahead and fly the infinite skies! Have fun!

At First, you should just give out likes, nice replies and you will be a part of the community in no time!
If you have any questions, feel free to PM me by pressing on my icon, and pressing on the big blue “message” button on my profile.
I hope you enjoy This great community!
Happy holidays!

Welcome to the forum! First, check out the post that @Declan_O linked if you haven’t already.

Reply thoughtfully to forum topics that interest you. You can also participate in #live:events and #live:groupflights. Both are good ways to be productive with your fellow members.

Absolutely, most of the members here want to help you in any way they can. As for knowledge building, check out the #tutorials and for real world information, the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge and the Airplane Flying Handbook are both great starting points.

Good luck on your journey into the sim!

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What a brilliant post! And how awesome you came to this forum on the day you purchased your live subscription. I can’t think of a better start!

I recommend you read through the replies above first. Then have a browse through the #tutorials section.

You’ll find this a great forum with many very helpful people. Use the search function before posting any queries. Most questions have already been asked :-)

IF has a great set of Pilot and ATC tutorials on YouTube. Check them out below.


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