Where should I start using the flaps for landing.

I need to know when should I start using the flaps for landing. When I was starting with IF, I searched for info about flap speeds, and came across a website which had the altitudes for the flaps, starting at 10000ft, so I began using them on a regular basis.
I read they are used alongside the airfield pattern, and my flight plans always look like the one you see on this picture:

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I don’t know about how they do “professionally” but I always use them right upon descent

There are certain speeds you add flaps in but without an Fmc or anyway to calculate your v-speeds you can’t really tell

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Did you read it somewhere?

Their speeds are not important, I need to know the moment in which they start to be used.

It goes by speed because at 7000 feet you won’t be going at 145 kts.

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Also by experience in IF, if you are descending, it isn’t a good idea to use them at high speeds, anything 200 and under should be ok… Otherwise the plane will nose down to compensate, which isn’t realistic.

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Well if you are flying a 737 from my experience i usually starts flaps around 3,000 ft about 20nm or more from the runway. Usually Flaps 1 would be around 197, flaps 2 around 188 flaps 5 around 160. And etc… Normally when you get to flaps 15 you throw out the landing gear and skip flaps 25 and go straight to flaps 30. Hope i didnt give more information then needed.

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I read flaps 1° and 2° don´t change much, so 5° are used, but at a higher speed, at 160kts I should be at 30° flaps, to avoid stalling.

No not really. Pilots sometimes start deploying flaps at 5000 feet. There is no way of telling when in infinite flight because of its limitations. It also goes by speed not be altitude (when to deploy flaps).

What do you mean by that? Sorry for asking so much, but I´ve been using the flaps as high as 10000ft, so please beare with me.

I played around with the FMC but i dont really pay attention. The only thing is that it will say example 240/2700. Which is wierd so it really depends but yes there is really no limitations

If you play X-plane, fsx, p3d etc. you have the Fmc tell you what your speeds are and what speeds to deploy your flaps at (vspeeds, [not all of what I just mentioned is controlled by the Fmc] auto-thrust etc.). Without an Fmc or anything for that matter to tell you when to deploy and what speeds you should be at, you have to kind of wing it.

P.s you shouldn’t be deploying flaps at 10k feet. Max flaps around that altitude would be flaps one (because at that altitude you should be at around 250 kts unless atc gives you permission to ignore that rule but, in infinite flight atc can’t do that so around 250 kts then).

That´s why I want to know at which moment of the pattern I should start to use the flaps.

If your doing pattern work it’s different.

Please explain me.

I can’t really explain, it just takes practice and you get a feel for it. In a pattern you should be doing around 180-220 kts (when in downwind) but once you get closer to the beginning of the ils triangle you should slow down and gradually add flaps as you slow down.

But my plane will start pitching up at 180kts-220kts withouth flaps.

If it’s a little pitch up its fine but, it’s high attitude then it probably means your too heavy.

Since the weight doesn´t change automatically on IF, I always use Normal weight settings, so flaps 5° speed will be at 240kts for me.