Where should I spot at Atlanta?

G’day IFC, I was wondering if anybody knew where I should go spotting at KATL. I’ve noticed you can’t go south of the airport due to elevation. Any Place where I should go. I don’t want to go to a hotel or building, just want to stand outside from the rwy and take a view. If you have any place that I can try then lmk please. Thanks :D


My Revised Guide to Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (KATL) - Ground School / Community Tutorials - Infinite Flight Community

I’m not really sure how to help you, but this should make you happy for the time being!


Have you tried free resources like this ?

Usually a fairly accurate source, I’ve used it a bit to find new spots.

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Haven’t tried it, Let me take a look. Thanks

It has shown me 10 places to go look, Tysm, I will see which one is the best.

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Most people if they’re staying at least overnight will use the Renaissance hotel, but given

I recommend making your way to the hourly parking garage and going to the top.

There’s really nowhere else close to runways and the airport that isn’t a building/hotel where you can spot without either being obstructed by a fence or having to stand in a relatively sketchy area.

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Wouldn’t you have to pay? I also think I found a spot that is only fences


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Well, my family members wouldn’t pay for that unless if it was to drop off somebody.
I found one here.

Unless you plan to walk there (I hope for your sake you do not do this), you have nowhere to park. The lot there has been closed for a while. Make sure to read the comments on the website!

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I would not walk 🤣 I’ll look for more info about it

A lot of people go to the parking deck on the Delta side and drive to the top deck and take pictures. Yes you will have to pay to park or ride MARTA to the airport and walk upstair to the top deck. Now before you go rushing up there please check with the airport officials and see what rules are.

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So this time of year you want to be facing north, if you face south your shots will be backlit horribly. The best spots in the winter are the domestic north daily lot and the international park n ride. Both are good and you can get great shots from either depending on the ops! Hope this helps and good luck spotting!

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Directly on the runway. I have experience with this at other airports and I definitely recommend the up close and personal view!

although I actually do technically have experience with this, this is a joke

But actually, there are some websites online where you can find recommended spotting locations for all sorts of airports. I can find some for you if you’d like.

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Well I won’t be but I will probably catch your flight over my house.

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