Where should I post this?

There are a lot of funny things I have noticed, some IF, some not, but I can’t find a thread to put them in. These are not memes. The ‘humor’ Threads I know are the non-avgeeks, airline acronyms, and the humourus live photos . There are things that I want too share that I can’t due too no appropriate thread. One example is how there were a few random google trend searches for ‘swiss001’ in 2014. I put that on ‘funniest stories of non-avgeeks’, which is not an appropriate place for it. Are there any good threads for this?

Well, there is this, which you can put jokes, funny slogans, and name abbreviations. (You’ll see)

Yeah I already post there, forgot to mention. Should I just wait till aviation memes part 4 comes?

Well, I don’t think that will come till spring 2019.

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I don’t believe a part four will be coming. If three previous threads have been closed, I doubt a fourth one would open.

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Basically, I’m not sure where to post this. I have to go to bed now, and hopefully there will be a solution when I wake up.

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I have a direct quote from @DeerCrusher saying why we don’t have them:



I already saw that. I’m going too bed now. Hopefull There will be a solution.

I had a very long chat with Sam_K (Miss you) about this, along with the creator of Part 3.
Not to undermine the other mods on this community its that me and Sam had a chat

The reason the Aviation Meme threads kept closing was the insane number of flags that the thread was receiving and that people kept on posting duplicates. It just wasn’t healthy discussion on the forum.

That is what Sam said Differently but I can’t find the PM, basically the overview of the meme threads.


I don’t see a purpose for a for this to be posted in a topic. No offense to Swiss001 but not every thought has to be posted. Remember, the forum isn’t a chatroom. Not every little gossip, rumor, funny joke (or not), needs to be shared.

Sometimes its helpful to take a step back and evaluate whether something is worthy sharing.


Hmmm a lot of this stuff is now banned because some people take these kind of things to far

yes, this is a nice place to post them! (Bias)

A mod can close this.