Where Should I Layover on my Transcontinental United States Flight?

I’m thinking about starting a transcontinental flight using the TBM-930. This plane could get close to covering the whole US in one flight, but I’m probably going to fly it in shorter 30 min to 1.5 hour legs.
What Airports should I stop at or flyover along the trip?

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Would start in Bangor, Maine and then via the Eastern Seaboard and Washington across the country to California, then up the coast and via Seattle onwards towards Alaska.

Edit: @DeerCrusher‘s post reminds me of the main wind direction… If you want to increase range probably the other way around would be better. But if you stick to shorter flights (like you mentioned you probably want to,), I would go from the east to the west.


I’ve done KVNY (Van Nuys) to KMVY (Martha’s Vineyard) in the TBM nonstop. You’ll have killer tailwinds carrying you along if you start on the west coast and go the the east. Great views along the way. 🙂

Another fun one you may want to try some day when the winds are even better is a Transpac flight. PHNL or PHOG to KSNA/KBUR/KMVY/KSAN. Hawaii to California. You’ll need winds of over 85kts on the tail on the entire trip.


Starting on the East Coast is probably a better idea for what I’m trying to do because as @DeerCrusher said, the tailwinds will probably “persuade” me to try it in only a couple or less legs


I think you can actually make that with just a little tailwind if you fly at around 16000 (for somereason fuel burn is lowest at that level lol)


I’ve decided that I’m going to start on the East Coast and go west so that I don’t try to do it in one legs because of the jet stream that @DeerCrusher mentioned so I’m going to change up the post and ask for your ideas on what airports I should stop at on the way

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I would recommend visiting the Windy.com or downloading their mobile app. Select the level that you will be cruising at, max ceiling of a TBM-930 is FL310, and check out the winds on a level close to that. That should ensure that you pick a route that that takes advantage of those killer tailwinds he is talking about.

At the time of this post, these is the current jet stream thats flowing west to east. I’m seeing winds as high as 130kts in the southwestern United States currently. Check it out!

I would also recommend flying West to East in this situation!


You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch

You should start/end at ILG (Wilmington).

If your looking for stops I just thought of this:
Richmond - St. Louis - Denver - Salt Lake City - Las Vegas - San Francisco

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Those stops in the middle of the country are good ideas, but I’m looking for small, fun airports that are pretty much unknown

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