Where should I host my next event. (NEW NARROWED DOWN POLL) Be sure to vote for the new poll!

@anon45500775 I work there what went wrong

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Cmon let’s get a KJFK event

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No I mean by we recently had a CVG event so it’s not really exciting to have the same airport as an event again

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A little under 5 hours left to vote

2 more hours to vote!

Austin’s the best, vote vote me vote

Poll is closed!

Thank you everyone for voting and it looks like my next event will be in Frankfurt. I will have the event out in a few days. I will post I link to it on this thread. Look out for it!!!

As an Aggie I am proud to say Austin lost

I’m an Aggie in Austin, so think.

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Here’s the event if you would like to join

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